My Bunnies

Hey guys! I have made this page to show you my adorable bunnies. Because who doesn`t want to see cute little balls of fluff that munch on hay!

Introducing my bun buns.

Name: Pepper.

Age: Over 3 months.

Breed: Lion lop.

Sex: Female.

About: Pepper is an energetic and friendly rabbit. I can often find her running around the cage, and when she is not running she is eating or sleeping. She loves hay, I can fill up the hay in the morning and when I come back later it`s empty. She also loves being pet on the head.

Name: Masie.

Age: 8 or 9 years.

Breed: Havana.

Sex: Female.

About: Masie is a very kind old rabbit. Because of her age she does not run a lot, but she does love eating. She is a very sweet rabbit and has never bitten anyone. She does not really like being picked up.

Pepper being adorable!

Masie`s cage mate.

Masie & Honey Bunny

The calico is Honey Bunny. She is my sister`s pet and Masie`s cage mate!


Maisie Eating A Dandelion | Pepper Eating A Dandelion

Bunnies LOVE dandelions. And they`re very good for them too!!

Rabbit Post!

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Another Rabbit Post!

You likeee?

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