Introducing the bunnies.


Name: Pepper

Age: 6 months (Fully grown)

Breed: Lion Lop

Gender: Female

About: Pepper is energetic and friendly, and can often be found running about her cage.

If, and when she is not running she is either sleeping or eating.

She loves hay and lettuce, and will devour it on sight.

She loves to be pet, but will kick and scratch if you try tp pick her up.


Name: Masie

Age: Dead, R.I.P.

Breed: Havana

Gender: Female

About: Masie was a very old rabbit, and because of this she preferred laying down over running.

She was very sweet and had never bitten anyone.

She was heathy, but shed alot and had rough fur.

She would go crazy for fruits and veggies.

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