Ok so.

Hello Bagels!

As you can see I have updated my blog`s logo!

Isn`t it adorable!

But, as cool as that is, that is not enough new to make a post.

SO, I am going to tell you guys about what I did today!

Friday, July 23, 2021

I woke up sometime around 1:00 PM.

(I was up late last night ok!?)

I fed the rabbits indoors, and then went to feed the rabbits outside.

When I came back in my Dad was watching America`s Got Talent on the TV.

I was hungry, so I went to go eat some breakfast, even though it was lunchtime.

I took out my retainer, got some chocolate Cheerios, and sat on the couch to watch TV with everyone else.

My Mom and my sister were obviously getting ready to go some were, especially since my sister and my brother were arguing about who was going to ride in the front seat.

But the thing was, my sister was saying that I was going to ride in the front.

Which meant that I was going.

My Mom told my brother that I was going to ride in the from because I get car sick easily, but I still did not know where we were going!

So I, standing there with my bowl of cereal, asked were we were going.

And my Mom said, “We`re going to the library.” I asked her why and my sister told me, “We are going to do a scavenger hunt puzzle thing.”

Then my Mom, my sister, and I got into the car, because even after all that arguing my brother did not even end up getting to go.

I had also brought my cereal into the car because I had not finished it. 😂🥣

By the time we got there I was done with my cereal, and we got out of the car.

Me, my sister, and her boyfriend were the only ones doing the program, but it was still fun and we finished it pretty quickly!

We went home, I talked to Corrie for a bit, played the Google Doodle, ate dinner, listened to my Mom read, and then I made this post!

And now I am going to sleep.

Thanks For Reading!!!


Published by perplexinglexi

I am 12 years old and love drawing and animals.

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