Hello Bagels!!!

Today we will be talking about PETS.

Because who doesn`t love them?

My Pets.

So, I have three animals.

  1. A black rabbit named Masie.
  2. A red beta fish named Razzberry.
  3. And another black rabbit named Pepper.

They are all adorable.

Yes, even the fish.

Masie is a very old Havana rabbit that my Mom brought home because the original owner could not care for them anymore.

She spends her time eating and sleeping.

Razzberry is a huge red beta fish that was bought at the pet store.

He is a little dumb, no offence Razzberry, but he is the biggest beta you`ll ever see!

And Pepper is a lop bunny, I got her on my birthday!

She chews up anything she can find.

Things I do with my pets.


She would rather lay in the cage rather than run around, but sometimes I put her on my bed and lay down next to her and she will fall asleep.

I have also been trying to teach her tricks, but she won`t do them.


He is very friendly and will swim close to anyone who gets near the glass ,so, I like to press my face against the glass and watch him swim around.


My favorite thing to do with Pepper is to sing her songs while petting her until my arm gets tired or she decides to hop away.

I also like to read, draw, or watch TV next to her cage, sometimes I will read out loud for her.

I also talk to my pets, and all of the other animals too, does anybody else do that?

Comment Questions!

What do you like to do with your pets?


Thanks For Reading!!!


BTW: I won`t be using images anymore, now there is the logo of my blog.

Published by perplexinglexi

I am 12 years old and love drawing and animals.

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