About my disappearance.

Hello bagels!

I bet you`re wondering why I have not been posting or commenting.

Well, It`s because my internet stopped working.

I live in Florida so storms are a normal thing.

There was a bigger storm and the router got electrocuted.

But it is fixed now!

Also when I got back I had 99 spam!

So I would like you Bagels to comment and tell me the biggest amount of spam you have had.

(Only if you want of course.)

Thanks For Reading!!!


Published by perplexinglexi

I am 12 years old and love drawing and animals.

11 thoughts on “About my disappearance.

  1. Hello again! I visited Florida recently, and the weather forecast said there was going to be soooooooo much rain. I was just thinking, 😱 how can one living thing live with that much rain 😱 anyway, i’ve gotten sooooo much spam before (or it was labeled “spam”). i don’t include a lot of it as spam though. i click “approve” for things i include as spam anyways. its good to have a lot of comments anyways 🤣

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