Tooth Picks.

Hello Bagels!!!

First, I am going to tell you why I`ve been so busy.

SO, the reason I`ve been so busy is because my Grandparents are coming over.

And so we ,Me and my family, are cleaning up.

And so that is why I am so busy.

And second, here are some doodles and sketches I made in some sketch books.

Because why not?


About The Doodles

Doodle 1: Rainbow dash but smug face.

Doodle 2: My fursona face! (I may make a digital version and turn it into my profile pic.)

Doodle 3: A cute doggo looking at something amazing, AKA you bagels!

Doodle 4: Rainbow Dash but angry.

Doodle 5: So in a game called The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild there are bird people called “Rito” I drew one. (From memory)

PS: The one I drew is not a real character in the game.

Doodle 6: Redd from a game called Animal Crossing. (Also from memory)

Doodle 7: I drew Redd again but more in my style.

Doodle 8: Random guy.

Doodle 9: Kirby, from the game Kirby, eating a cherry.

Doodle 10: My fursona face but extra happy.

Doodle 11: Rainbow Dash but in my newest style.

Doodle 12: Rainbow Dash looking at something awesome, AKA YOU BAGELS!!!

Doodle 13: Tired Rainbow Dash.

Doodle 12: Kirby, from Kirby. And Prince Fluff, from Kirby`s Epic Yarn.


About The Sketches

Sketch 1: A rushed kinda old sketch of Rainbow Dash a bit after a Sonic Rainboom.

Sketch 2: Rainbow Dash flexing and Fluttershy and Apple Jack being like “Seriously?!”

Sketch 3: My hand with my pencil.

Sketch 4: A sketch of a scene from Kirby`s Epic Yarn.

Sketch 5: A sketch where Twilight failed a spell and Rainbow Dash became a princess.

Sketch 6: The concept art for a painting I`m going to do for my little sister.

And that`s all!

Thanks For Reading!!!


Published by perplexinglexi

I am 12 years old and love drawing and animals.

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