So you see the picture above?

That is Sylvie!

I am making this post to tell you about him.

How I got the idea.

Ok, so, as you all know. (Idk, maybe you don`t…) I am in a weekly art contest with my friends!

Corrie is the host.

Each week has a theme of what to draw.

And this weeks contest theme was OCs (Original Characters)

Edit: Here is the link to the post.

So I was thinking on what to draw.

And in the mean time I made a post about how I love foxes!


And in the post when I was talking about furries I use dragon fox as an example to something.

And then I got this comment…



And I told her I should do that.


The making of Sylvie

So now I had the idea, now I just had to draw it!

First I thought of what kind of dragon and fox would he be?

I went with a northern dragon because with four legs it would be easier to mix and because I wanted to give it cool wings!

And I chose a silver fox because of their smoky color and amber eyes.

Then I thought of how it would look.

After I got that down I thought of a name and gender and I was ready to draw!

Drawing Sylvie

So now I was on the drawing step!

First I drew a circle for the head.

I always start with a circle.

Then I drew the body shape.

After that I drew the back legs, then the front!

When that was done I went back to the circle and began with some details.

I drew the snout and made it wider and gave him a more reptile nose because he`s half dragon.

I gave him some pretty big ears, just like the fox!

I made his pupils slit like a dragon.

I also gave him some horns and fangs.

I gave him a fluffy-like hair style.

And fluffed up the cheeks and ears!

Then I drew his tail, making it more dragon-like.

Then I added the wings.

I was almost done and I added the tree that he is grabbing with his tail and his face down in the corner.

And finally, I added a few more details like the chest fluff, the hole from the tree, the car, the grey color and I was done.

About Sylvie

Name: Sylvie

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon-Fox

Age: 19

Bio: He is a small dragon fox who wishes to be big. He is a little bit childish and brattish. He likes to imagine that he is big. He is actually quite brave and loyal. He LOVES meats. He bites. If he get really mad or annoyed he will breathe fire at or bite you. He has a bit of a hard time focusing unless he really likes the thing he is focusing on. He is quite clever and smarter than he looks. He enjoys complements but does not show it. Likes naps. He surprisingly like water alot. Giving him something shiny will immediately increase your bond with him. He likes puzzles.

Favorite things: Shiny things and meat

Favorite things to do: Swimming and puzzles

Most hated things: Bullies, back-stabbers, and strawberries

Most hated thing to do: Walking long distances.

And that`s all!!!

Spots Off!


Published by perplexinglexi

I am 12 years old and love drawing and animals.

25 thoughts on “Sylvie

    1. Thanks!
      The picture is at the very top.
      And I used to not use basic shapes but then my Aunt, who is a professional artist so I listened to her, told me it was easier to use them. So I tried it. And now I use them.
      But yeah, your`s still look amazing!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. thanks, i am 17 years old, what about you? I am also homeschooled


      2. i am 17 years old what about you, and i am also homeschooled


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