Bunny Care

So you would think that caring for a bunny would be easy right? Small animal small needs. Well that`s not exactly true.

Alot of the times people will buy their kids rabbits as “practice for a bigger animal,” but the thing is a rabbit is harder to care for that a dog or cat. And the rabbit ends up being under cared for.

Which is why I am making this post to tell people the things you need for a rabbit, and the things your going to need to do for your rabbit.


You need lots of things for your rabbit, such as…

  • Plenty of hay
  • Rabbit pellets
  • A big area so they can run around
  • Leafy Greens
  • Fruit for treats
  • (If you want a potty trained bunny) A litterbox
  • Water bottle, water bowl, or both
  • (If you have litterbox) Some kind of litter that is SAFE for rabbits
  • Bedding or pads for the bottom of their cage (Unless you have a free roam rabbit)
  • A pretty big cage (If you don`t want a free roam bunny)
  • A rabbit brush/comb (Note: Rabbits have thick fur you need a brush with hard bristles/tines that are close together)

I think that`s it.

Baby Rabbit Diet

I don`t know if you guys new this but baby/young rabbits need different things than older bunnies.

Rabbits CANNOT eat veggies until they are 3 months old.

Baby rabbits are still young and don`t have very strong immune systems yet, feeding them lettuce or other greens my upset their stomachs.

When baby rabbits reach 3 months then you can give them veggies, but only a bit! Start with a little bit of one kind of green such as lettuce or celery, then give them a little bit more each day until they`ve reached at least 1 cup a day.

(Note: The bigger the rabbit the more greens it needs)

Also avoid giving rabbits any treats or fruit until they are at least 6 months old. And never forget to keep the treats at a minimum.

Hay is an important part of any rabbits diet, but the kind of hay depends.

That`s right you heard me! You can`t just give a rabbit any old hay, if you have a baby rabbit I recommend alfalfa hay it is very good for babies.

You need to give your baby rabbit an unlimited amount of hay.

Pellets are also very important to a baby bunny.

Same as the hay you need a certain kind and it needs to be unlimited!

For pellets I also recommend the alfalfa kind.

And of course don`t forget to give them water!

When a rabbit reaches 6 months old then you should start phasing them into an adult rabbit diet.

Adult Rabbit Diet

Adult rabbits diets are simalr to a baby`s.

Adult`s need hay, but not alfalfa. There are other hays that you can give them but I use timothy hay.

Also give them a limited amount.

Keep in mind small bunny smaller amount, big bunny bigger amount.

Same as the hay, you need a different kind of pellets other than alfalfa. Timothy pellets are good.

They need a limited amount of pellets as well.

And finally the greens.

Adult rabbits need a half cup of greens for every pound it has.

And never forget to give them plenty of water.

If you want more detail on both a baby and adult rabbit`s diet I suggest you click this link (https://bunnylady.com/young-rabbit-diet/)

Bunny Care

These are the things you will need to do for your rabbit.

Daily Play

Play with your furry friend often by giving them attention and toys! There are also different kinds of games you can play with your rabbit!

(Note: Don`t give a rabbit too much attention or they will start to get scared of you.)


If you don`t let your furry friend have plenty of space to run they can become very unhealthy.

It`s ok to have a cage if you at least let them run around alot.


You need to clean your rabbit`s litter box (And cage) very often!

And that`s all I can think of right now.

But seriously if you are getting a pet rabbit please do research before you do.

Thanks For Reading!!!



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